Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing facts

Hardwood floor refinishing brings outstanding results, including a like-new finish and an extended lifespan that adds decades. Sometimes it's easy to tell when your hardwood flooring needs to be refinished, and other times assessments are necessary to know for sure. The one thing that remains the same is that it's always better to start this process with enough information to know what to expect before your refinishing team arrives.

What to know about wood floor refinishing

When your floors are refinished, you get many benefits from the service, including lots of money saved by refinishing instead of replacing them. The benefits of wood floor refinishing also include increased home value and safety, especially with children, elderly persons, and pets. You'll even find increased pest resistance, making your floors less prone to destructive behaviors.

The beauty of a newly refinished hardwood floor is unmistakable, taking your home from blah to fantastic faster than new floors could be installed. You can even change the stain color, finish type, or both simultaneously during this service. This option gives you floors that cater better to your décor and create a brand-new aesthetic you've never seen before.

We must remember how important it is to use a professional hardwood floor refinishing crew for the necessary improvements to your hardwood. It's a perfect way to protect your investment and décor scheme, so why take a chance with anything less? Once you choose all your options, we'll estimate the products, services, and time necessary to create your new hardwood surface.



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At Trademark Floors, we take pride in offering flooring and services that keep your floors looking and performing their best, starting with sanding floors, even in busy areas. First, we listen to your list of requirements and preferences and then work to meet them in every way. Then, when you share your needs with us, our experienced associates will consider all the options for your best fit and give you all the information you need to get started.

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